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30 December 1998

Right of Reply - Howard Davies

The secretary general of the British Air Transport Association responds to reports that airline safety will be affected by the millennium bug

27 December 1998

Passengers at risk as fumes make pilots black out

By Jake Lynch and Mark Rowe

Aviation experts have warned that the lives of thousands of airline passengers are at risk because pilots and cabin crew are suffering mid-flight seizures and blackouts after inhaling toxic engine fumes.

20 December 1998

Misery for travellers as flight delays soar

By Philip Thornton, Transport Correspondent

Air travellers suffered a summer of chaos this year, according to figures to be published this week. Delays at UK airports increased sharply.

18 December 1998

BA seeks delay on American ruling

By Roland Gribben, Business Editor

British Airways has asked the Government to delay a final decision on its planned alliance with American Airlines. It has told Peter Mandelson, the Trade and Industry Secretary, that it wants to see progress on a new Anglo-American aviation pact or "open skies" first.

12 December 1998

14 die as Thai plane crashes during storm

By Sarah Strickland in Bangkok

Survivors were last night being hauled from a Thai Airways flight which crashed and caught fire in southern Thailand. The A310, carrying 132 people, crashed in a storm three miles from Surat Thani, a stop-off point for the resort island of Ko Samui, on the east coast.

7 December 1998

Aerospatiale in Airbus stake row

By Roland Gribben

A row over a bigger shareholding for Aerospatiale, the French state aerospace group, in Airbus Industrie, the European civil aircraft consortium, is threatening European aerospace restructuring plans.

7 December 1998

BAe and Dasa merger due this month

By Michael Harrison

British Aerospace and DaimlerChrsyler Aerospace are set to announce their 14bn merger before Christmas in a move which will dramatically reshape Europe's defence and aircraft industries.

6 December 1998

Seattle falls on hard times as Boeing's fortunes plunge

By James Langton in Seattle

The mighty Boeing Corporation, once an unchallenged leader in commercial aircraft manufacturing, is in deep trouble.

3 December 1998

BAe quashes talk of early Dasa link

By Roland Gribben, Business Editor

British Aerospace yesterday attempted to dampen speculation about an early merger with Dasa, the aerospace wing of Daimler Chrysler, after France dropped its objections to the link-up.

3 December 1998

Boeing shares take a dive

By Andrew Cave in New York

Boeing shares, the worst performing constituent this year in America's Dow Jones Industrial Average, tumbled by 14pc yesterday as the market was digesting warnings on profits, jobs and production from the world's largest aircraft manufacturer.

1 December 1998

Air traffic centre hits more delays

By Philip Thornton, Transport Correspondent

An independent report has criticised the managers of the planned 475m air traffic control centre at Swanwick, Dorset, and warned that the project, already six years late, could fall even further behind schedule.

1 December 1998

Passengers face more air delays until 2001

By Paul Marston

Air passengers face increasing delays over the next three years because the opening of the new national air traffic control centre is six years behind schedule, a Government-commissioned report said yesterday.

26 November 1998

BA and AA to buy Iberia stake

By Dhara Ranasinghe

British Airways and American Airlines are to buy a 10pc stake in the Spanish airline Iberia for 59 billion pesetas (240m).

25 November 1998

Airtours raises 250m for expansion plan

By Simon Duke

The travel group Airtours yesterday announced that it will raise 250m through the issue of a convertible bond, in order to expand its operations in Europe and the US.

25 November 1998

Airtours seeks 250m from bond issue

By Alistair Osborne

Airtours yesterday launched a 250m convertible bond and vowed to play the leading role in the consolidation of the European and North American travel industries.

15 November 1998

Branson calls for end to air wars

By Hilary Clarke

Richard Branson has called for an end to the air war between the UK and the US and appealed for an immediate resumption of talks between Washington and Westminster to liberalise air traffic.

12 November 1998

Easing the airport traffic jam

By Philip Thornton, Transport Correspondent

London's airports are bursting. A decision on the proposed Terminal 5 at Heathrow is still months away, let alone a start to the building work. Passenger numbers are growing at 8 per cent a year. The Government's solution? The country's regional airports.

2 November 1998

Ayling defended by BA's Marshall

By Michael Harrison

The chairman of British Airways, Lord Marshall, came to the defence of his chief executive last night saying there was no need for Bob Ayling to resign over the delays to BA's alliance with American Airlines.

2 November 1998

BA chief's job 'not under threat'

By Roland Gribben

The job of Robert Ayling, British Airways' chief executive, is not at risk, the company's chairman, Lord Marshall, insisted yesterday.

31 October 1998

Tough EC terms force BA to downgrade American pact

By Michael Harrison

British Airways said yesterday that it had decided to settle for a looser alliance with American Airlines rather than accept the terms proposed by European competition authorities.

31 October 1998

BA 'to phase in' American link

By Roland Gribben, Business Editor

British Airways and American Airlines have slowed plans for a full-scale alliance and decided to phase in the link-up over a four- to five-year period in the face of formidable opposition.

26 October 1998

BA in-flight meal was a dog's dinner, says Ronay

By Vanessa Thorpe

An Egon Ronay inspector has accused British Airways of providing passengers with "a dog's dinner" of an in-flight meal in a study of transatlantic service which is published today.

21 October 1998

Heathrow loses 2m passengers to Schipol

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

Congestion at Heathrow is causing two million British travellers to shun the airport and fly via Amsterdam instead, according to figures released yesterday.

20 October 1998

Go-Ahead moves into air services

Go-Ahead, the bus and rail operator, yesterday diversified into the airports market when it paid 27.5m cash for airport services company GHI.

19 October 1998

BAA unveils 200m Stansted plan

Airports operator BAA will today unveil plans for a 200m expansion at Stansted to deal with growing demand. It would create hundreds of jobs but could generate fierce opposition, writes Philip Thornton.

19 October 1998

Return air fares to US may fall to 120

By Philip Thornton Transport Correspondent

The cost of return flights to America could drop to 120 as the severe economic crisis on both sides of the Atlantic forces airlines into an increasingly bitter price war.

14 October 1998

Nat Express in venture with DHL

National Express announced yesterday that it had joined forces with DHL, the world's biggest air express carrier, to invest 70m in a new air cargo terminal at East Midlands Airport.

13 October 1998

BA cuts Europe fares by half

By Philip Thornton, Transport Correspondent

British Airways yesterday fired the latest salvo in the bitter air fares war, slashing the cost of flying to six European cities by up to half.

13 October 1998

BAe and Daimler close to link-up

British Aerospace and Daimler Benz Aerospace are edging closer towards an agreement on a link-up, though both companies yesterday attempted to distance themselves from speculation about early developments.

13 October 1998

Bad conditions may ground BA's US deal

News Analysis: The alliance with American Airlines faces its biggest threat as recession bites. By Michael Harrison

8 October 1998

BA enters bidding war for state-owned French airline

By Michael Harrison

British Airways has lodged a bid for the state-owned French airline AOM in a move that would significantly increase its share of Europe's biggest air market.

7 October 1998

Gatwick clouds 'open skies' airline talks

By Alistair Osborne

Talks aimed at agreeing an "open skies" pact between Britain and America, on which approval for the British Airways and American Airlines alliance depends, have hit turbulence over flights to Gatwick.

22 September 1998

Global Air should remain pie in the sky

There are 632 destinations in 138 countries served by the five airlines which united yesterday to form oneworld. Business travellers can choose among 300 airport lounges (only 10 of them at Heathrow) for still more free food and drink. Unfortunately, there is no single timetable or compatible booking system, and the risk of lunch in Santiago and luggage in San Diego is undiminished.

22 September 1998

BA to face inquiry into deal with four airlines

By Roland Gribben, Business Editor

British Airways was facing a European Union inquiry yesterday into its latest plans to extend its global network despite efforts to head off such an investigation.

21 September 1998

BA poised to unveil global alliances

British Airways and American Airlines are expected this morning to unveil a global airline alliance involving link-ups with Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific and Australia's Qantas.

19 September 1998

BA and American eye alliance with Cathay

By Alistair Osborne

British Airways and American Airlines are expected to announce a link-up with Cathay Pacific of Hong Kong on Monday to add a valuable Far East leg to their alliance.

17 September 1998

Air traffic system is 86m over budget

By Philip Thornton, Transport Correspondent

The Government's spending watchdog may be asked to investigate an 87m surge in costs for a computerised air traffic control system struck by a catalogue of failures.

12 September 1998

Airline's shares in dive after warning

By Michael Harrison

Shares in British Regional Airlines, which was floated less than three months ago, crashed by more than half yesterday after the group warned of falling passenger yields and its broker slashed its profit forecast for the year by 1m.

9 September 1998

Rolls US jet rival to take stake in Airbus engine

By Michael Harrison

Rolls-Royce forged a ground-breaking deal yesterday to bring a rival US aero-engine manufacturer into its Trent engine programme.

9 September 1998

Airbus and Boeing slug it out

By Roland Gribben, Business Editor

Airbus Industrie, the European civil aircraft manufacturer, and Boeing, its bigger American rival, continued their dogfight at the Farnborough air show yesterday by unveiling new orders worth $6.9 billion (4.2 billion).

9 September 1998

Outlook - Aerospace

When they can hear themselves think under the roar of the air displays, the big wheels at the Farnborough Airshow are all talking turkey. The name of the game is consolidation, whether it is dressed up as partnership, risk and revenue sharing, strategic alliance or straightforward takeover.

8 September 1998

BAe Saudi deal hit by oil price

British Aerospace is facing some cutbacks in its important 2 billion a year Saudi Arabian defence contract because of the slide in oil prices.

8 September 1998

Super Airbus to create 10,000 UK jobs

By Clifford German

A new European super-jumbo aircraft, code-named the Airbus A3XX, will create around 10,000 highly-skilled and highly-paid jobs in the UK, and protect a further 40,000 in more than 400 UK companies, Airbus Industrie chief executive, Noel Foregeard, claimed at the Farnborough Air Show yesterday.

8 September 1998

Boeing down, not out

Boeing chose the Farnborough Air show yesterday to eat humble pie. Harry Stonecipher, its president, chief operating officer and corporate No 2, admitted letting its customers down. The grins across the airfield were those on the faces of the Airbus executives.

7 September 1998

BAe launches joint venture with Dasa

By Simon Anderson

British Aerospace and Dassault Aviation have marked today's opening of the Farnborough air show with news that they will join forces to develop technologies for future generations of aircraft.

7 September 1998

Airbus set to 'out show' Boeing

By Francesco Guerrera

Airbus and Boeing, the two aerospace giants locked in a bitter battle for control of the global aircraft market, are poised to unveil orders worth up to $8.7bn (5.4bn) at this week's Farnborough airshow.

6 September 1998

Airbus sounds $3bn Farnborough fanfare

By Mary Fagan

Airbus, the European aircraft consortium in which British Aerospace is a partner, is set to announce orders worth at least $3bn at the Farnborough Air Show, which begins today.

4 September 1998

Kinnock boost for BA in row over selling landing slots

By Stephen Castle in Brussels

Neil Kinnock, the European Transport Commissioner, yesterday promised moves to allow airlines to sell their landing slots - one of the most sensitive issues surrounding the proposed alliance between British Airways and American Airlines.

4 September 1998

Airline offers 16.99 fare to Europe

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

The budget airline Ryanair yesterday cut fares to Europe to as little as 16.99 one-way as part of a promotion aimed at luring passengers away from major carriers.

4 September 1998

Flights at 16.99 in air-fare war

By Kate Watson-Smyth

Ryanair, the low-cost airline, launched a sale of a million one-way flights in Europe yesterday as a response to BA's recent weekend of special offers.

2 September 1998

Misery at terminals as flight delays soar

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

Air delays in Europe have reached their worst level for nine years with almost 30 per cent of scheduled flights taking off late, according to figures published yesterday.

26 August 1998

BA's bargain buy sends wary investors on a mystery trip

Bob Ayling just cannot resist a bargain. Like an It girl at the Harvey Nichols sale, the prospect of 30pc off the ticket price for a fleet of Airbuses was just too much to resist.

26 August 1998

BBA buys US aviation firm

By Simon Anderson

BBA Group, the airlines-to-nappies industrial group, continued its acquisition drive yesterday with a $52m (32m) deal to buy the aviation services business of America's UNC.

26 August 1998

Airbus cuts price to win BA billions

By Roland Gribben, Business Editor, in Toulouse

Huge discounts and incentives helped Airbus, the four-nation European civil airline consortium, beat Boeing for the lion's share of a British Airways order potentially worth 8 billion for 220 aircraft, equivalent to replacing 75pc of its current fleet.

25 August 1998

Blair backs BA Airbus order

By Roland Gribben, Business Editor

Tony Blair will put the seal on British Airways's first order for the European Airbus today and help underline his European credentials when he attends the formal signing ceremony in Toulouse.

25 August 1998

Barclays pilots deal to run Luton Airport

By Alistair Osborne

A private consortium backed by Barclays Bank yesterday paid 110m for a 30-year concession to run Luton Airport and said it could refinance the deal next year to launch a Luton Airport bond.

20 August 1998

BA attacked over cheap fares for staff friends

A new fares scheme by British Airways, under which "friends" of airline staff can buy tickets for up to 70 per cent less than the public, is being investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority.

19 August 1998

BA link-up with US airline faces passenger opposition

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

The planned link between British Airways and American Airlines should be blocked unless consumers' interests are protected, the air passengers' watchdog said yesterday.

14 August 1998

Record numbers take flight

By Trevor Webster

Dismal weather, the end of the World Cup and the expansion of cut-price airlines spurred Britons to take wing in record numbers last month. The airports operator, BAA, bucked the trend of a slowing economy by enjoying its busiest month ever.

12 August 1998

Prescott opposes BA move to sell air slots for 500m

Ministers clash over BA's landing slots sale

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott yesterday appeared to come out against plans by British Airways to sell airport take-off and landing slots valued at more than 500m.

12 August 1998

Ministers clash over BA's landing slots sale

Prescott opposes BA move to sell air slots for 500m

The Deputy Prime Minister has come out against plans by British Airways to sell airport take-off and landing slots valued at more than 500 million. By doing so, John Prescott has put himself on a collision course with Peter Mandelson, the Trade and Industry Secretary, who is thought likely to sanction the sale.

8 August 1998

Michael Harrison

BA begins to feel the summer heat

As summer sales go, the decision by British Airways to sell off 2 million tickets at bargain basement prices this weekend takes some beating. To put the offer into perspective, that is equal to 6 per cent of its annual passenger traffic.

8 August 1998

BA tries to scupper rivals with 2m cheap flights

By Simon Calder, Travel Editor

British Airways is launching an attack designed to inflict maximum harm on its low- fare rivals by staging this weekend an unprecedented "summer sale".

12 July 1998

BA to recoup Gatwick slots via CityFlyer bid

By Richard Newton and Mary Fagan

British Airways is considering a bid for CityFlyer Express, one of the main regional airlines operating out of Gatwick, in an effort to recoup some of the airport takeoff and landing slots it has to surrender as a condition for its alliance with American Airlines.

12 July 1998

Rival airlines clamour for Atlantic slots

By Andrea Rothman

No sooner did the European Commission approve a link-up between British Airways and American Airlines than jealous rivals began complaining about the woes awaiting passengers.

9 July 1998

BA alliance 'will send fares soaring'

By Michael Harrison in London and Katherine Butler in Brussels

Rival airlines and consumer groups warned yesterday that transatlantic air fares could rise by as much as 50 per cent after British Airways and American Airlines were given the conditional go-ahead to forge the world's biggest airline alliance.

4 June 1998

Rivals say passengers will pay dear for deal

Julia Finch reports on fury over airline's involvement in London-Paris rail service

British Airways' rivals last night reacted furiously to the airline's involvement in the London-Paris rail link.
They accused BA of masterminding a cartel, said consumers would pay unjustified fares and demanded BA's role be investigated by competition watchdogs.

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