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29 December 2000

Cramped flights 'kill three a year'

By David Derbyshire, Medical Correspondent

Cramped airline seats are to blame for the deaths of three people each year suffering from "economy class syndrome" and treated at Tokyo airport, a study has found.

28 December 2000

Refugees from Cuba fell from same BA jet

Two bodies discovered over Christmas after falling from the sky were Cuban refugees - possibly brothers - who had tried to flee Fidel Castro's regime by stowing away in the nose-wheel compartment of a British Airways plane.

26 December 2000

Stowaways found dead after falling from planes

Police were last night trying to reconstruct the final moments of two aircraft stowaways who fell to their deaths from the undercarriages of passenger jets.

22 December 2000

Jail for man who burned paper in an airliner

By Nigel Bunyan

An airline passenger has been jailed for 15 months after being caught burning a piece of paper in a lavatory.

22 December 2000

Traffic jam warning as travellers shun trains

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

Motorway traffic levels this weekend are likely to be at least 10 per cent higher than last Christmas because of the public's lack of faith in train services, motoring organisations forecast yesterday.

18 December 2000

Baby is born on BA flight over Atlantic

By David Millward

British Airways cabin crew have helped deliver a baby girl on a flight from London to Montreal.

17 December 2000

Passenger jets in two more warplane scares

By Chris Hastings and David Bamber

Urgent investigations have been launched after three military aircraft came within yards of hitting passenger jets during a single week last month.

16 December 2000

Concorde 'back in air by April'

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

Technical modifications intended to enable Concorde to resume flying are to be tested in February, British and French aviation officials agreed yesterday.

14 December 2000

Rail investment threatened by switch to air

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

The sharp fall in the number of rail passengers since the Hatfield crash is threatening long-term improvements to the railways, the Government's chief transport adviser said yesterday.

12 December 2000

Thousands let the plane take the strain to escape railway chaos

By Barrie Clement, Transport Editor

Thousands of travellers switched from the train to the plane last month to try to escape the rail chaos.

12 December 2000

Increased charges planned to cut use of busiest airports

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

Passengers may be forced to pay more to fly from Heathrow or Gatwick as a means of diverting traffic to less congested airports under Government proposals published yesterday.

9 December 2000

Airlines given ultimatum over safety and fares

By Barrie Clement, Transport Editor

Britain's airlines are to be given a government ultimatum demanding they improve their service to passengers, or have tough new regulations forced upon them.

8 December 2000

Concorde forced to land after part fell off

By Barrie Clement, transport editor

Parts broke off and fell away from a British Airways Concorde in two separate flights over the sea within five months of each other, investigators reported yesterday.

8 December 2000

Part of wing fell off Concorde

A British Airways Concorde was forced to make an emergency landing after part of its wing fell off, it was disclosed yesterday.

7 December 2000

Concorde had two mid-air scares

A British Airways Concorde had two separate safety scares before the fleet was finally grounded after the fatal Paris crash in July, investigators said today.

4 December 2000

BA risks turbulence over ticketing fees

By Simon Calder, Travel Editor

British Airways has deployed a new weapon in its battle for profits: charging passengers for routine ticketing services that its rivals provide free.

3 December 2000

Passenger aircraft and US Air Force fighter in closest UK near miss for 20 years

By Andrea Babbington

A passenger jet with 234 people on board and a military aircraft were involved in the closest UK near miss for more than 20 years, it emerged today.

3 December 2000

Holiday jet misses fighter by just 100ft

By David Bamber and Chris Hastings

A holiday jet packed with 234 passengers came within 100ft of crashing into a US air force military plane over Northamptonshire 11 days ago, in one of the closest near-misses in British skies for more than two decades.

30 November 2000

Peers finally back sale of air traffic control but force three-month delay

By Sarah Schaefer

The government won its battle with the House of Lords yesterday over plans for the part-privatisation of the National Air Traffic Services.

30 November 2000

£50m share windfall to ease Nats sale

By Andy McSmith, Chief Political Correspondent

Air traffic controllers will receive a share windfall worth up to £50 million early in March.

23 November 2000

Flight attendants 'should give health advice on take-off'

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

Most air travellers should abstain from alcohol and caffeine before and during flights if they want to reduce any risk of collapsing with a blood clot, a House of Lords report said yesterday.

22 November 2000

Airlines rapped over passenger health

The airline industry is today accused of 'woeful neglect' over its care for the health of passengers.

22 November 2000

Flight syndrome 'affects all'

By Andy McSmith, Chief Political Correspondent

Air passengers who travel first class are in just as much danger as those in the cheap seats from the condition misleadingly called "economy-class syndrome", according to the first official investigation into the problem, published today.

15 November 2000

Blair faces air traffic revolt

By Benedict Brogan, Political Correspondent

Tony Blair faces another embarrassing backbench revolt tonight over the part-privatisation of the air traffic control service amid growing fears that his flagship Transport Bill is under threat.

31 October 2000

Roads and railways brought to a standstill

By Barrie Clement, Transport Editor


Ferocious storms and critical safety work undertaken by Railtrack combined to bring much of Britain's rail network to a standstill yesterday.

29 October 2000

Bomber crash sparks off new protest at low flying

By Gordon Darroch

Calls for a review of low-flying aircraft over southern Scotland were stepped up today following a fighter plane crash near Lockerbie.

29 October 2000

Concorde will fly again by April, BA predicts

By David Harrison and Charlotte Edwardes

British Airways (BA) plans to resume Concorde flights "in April, possibly even March", a senior BA official has told The Telegraph.

28 October 2000

RAF loses two aircraft in a day

By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent

Six airmen escaped serious injury yesterday when two aircraft worth £70 million were lost in separate accidents in the space of an hour.

28 October 2000

Air-traffic sale 'risks Railtrack of the skies'

By Marie Woolf, Chief Political Correspondent

Ministers were yesterday warned by unions and senior Labour MPs, including a former Transport Minister, to abandon plans to sell off Britain's air traffic control system, or risk "a Railtrack of the skies."

27 October 2000

Death risk from long-distance flights 'is exaggerated'

By Cherry Norton, Social Affairs Editor

So-called "economy class syndrome" where long-haul air passengers develop potentially fatal blood clots because they are immobile for long periods is a myth, according to new research.

24 October 2000

Death after flight triggers calls for air travel inquiry

Safety watchdogs admit no records are kept of blood-clot cases after a 28-year-old woman collapsed and died

By Cahal Milmo and Charles Arthur

23 October 2000

Bride-to-be killed by blood clot after 20-hour flight

By Richard Savill

A bride-to-be collapsed and died from a blood clot condition known as "economy class syndrome" a few minutes after disembarking from a flight from Australia.

17 October 2000

Jumbo crew talks down teenage pilot in storm

By Richard Savill

A teenage pilot who lost contact with air traffic control during a severe storm was helped to safety by the crew of a jumbo jet.

15 October 2000

BAe attacked on jet safety risk

By Tim Clark and Martin Bentham

British Aerospace aircraft with dangerous oil leaks have been flying for more than 10 years, according to an Australian Senate committee, which accuses the company of an "incredibly casual" attitude to safety.

14 October 2000

£1.5m appeal to save last Vulcan bomber

An appeal was launched yesterday to raise £1.5 million to save the last Vulcan bomber still in flying condition.

13 October 2000

Concorde 'in the air by summer'

By Barrie Clement, Transport Editor

Concorde must be back in the air by summer at the latest, British Airways and Air France told an Anglo-French meeting yesterday.

12 October 2000

Cold medicine could have made crash pilot drowsy

By David Sapsted

The drowsy effects of a cold medicine may have contributed to the crash of a Second World War Spitfire, being flown by a former Royal Navy pilot.

11 October 2000

Stansted is taking off

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

Stansted claimed entry to the premier league of European airports yesterday by announcing the launch of scheduled long-haul services.

10 October 2000

Drunk on jet 'asked to get off at 37,000ft'

By Maurice Weaver

A drunken passenger in shorts and trainers brawled with a friend and threatened to leave an Airbus at 37,000ft, a court was told yesterday.

9 October 2000

'Sun ray' study will assess aircraft risk

By Kate Watson-Smyth

The risk to airline passengers and crew from cosmic radiation is to be measured in a study that will investigate the harmful rays from the sun and their possible effects upon those aboard aircraft.

7 October 2000

BA may ask pilots to take breath tests

By Barrie Clement

British Airways is considering the introduction of random breathalyser tests for its pilots and cabin crew.

6 October 2000

Suspended British Airways pilot 'drank 10 pints hours before flight'

By Barrie Clement, Transport Editor

British Airways was accused yesterday of presiding over a dangerous drinking culture among its flight crews after pilots were seen consuming large quantities of alcohol within hours of taking command of airliners.

5 October 2000

BA grounds pilots over drink claim

By A J McIlroy

Eleven pilots and three cabin crew members have been suspended by British Airways after allegations of drinking before flights.

4 October 2000

BA pilots suspended over alcohol claim

Eleven pilots and three cabin crew have been suspended by British Airways amid claims they drank before flights.

20 September 2000

Sacked BA pilot 'mortified' passengers by shouting at woman

By Matt Adams

Passengers on a British Airways jumbo jet were "mortified" when the captain shouted at a woman passenger who claimed a fellow traveller was carrying a bomb, an employment tribunal was told yesterday.

20 September 2000

Nine saved from hijack plane lost at sea

By Ben Fenton, in Nashville

Nine survivors were picked up from the sea last night after a light aircraft apparently hijacked in Cuba disappeared in the Florida Strait.

19 September 2000

Passengers kill air rage man

By Simon Davis

An airline passenger was killed by other travellers when he tried to break into the flight deck and attack the crew.

10 September 2000

Airlines called to account as pollution grows

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Correspondent

Airline chiefs from around the world have been called to an emergency summit next week to address the growing impact of aeroplanes on the Earth's climate.
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7 September 2000

Heathrow warns of Canada geese threat to aircraft

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

Pilots have been warned to be on guard against potentially catastrophic bird strikes following an upsurge in Canada geese activity around Heathrow.

3 September 2000

Trees help travel industry measure the cost of flying

By Mark Rowe

Tree planting, championed by the successful Independent on Sunday "Forest" campaign as a way to offset emissions of greenhouse gases, has been embraced by the travel industry.

24 August 2000

130 die in Airbus disaster

By Anton La Guardia and Agencies

More than 130 bodies, many of them children, were recovered from the sea last night after an Airbus A320 crashed while trying to land at Bahrain International airport.

23 August 2000

Virgin Express loses £3m as fuel costs soar

By Alistair Osborne, City Correspondent

Virgin Express, the low-cost airline, nosedived into the red in the second quarter of this year because of soaring fuel prices and the weak euro.

22 August 2000

Aircraft near-misses are not reported, admits controller

By Paul Lashmar

More passenger jets flying in Britain's crowded airspace come close to having mid-air collisions than are officially admitted, a serving air traffic controller has claimed.

16 August 2000

All Concordes grounded

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

The future of supersonic air travel was threatened last night when the Civil Aviation Authority warned British Airways that it intended to suspend Concorde's certificate of airworthiness today.

15 August 2000

British airports record busiest month ever

BAA's seven UK airports handled a record 12.7m passengers last month - an increase of 6.8pc on July 1999.

2 August 2000

French decide to keep Concorde fleet grounded

By Harry de Quetteville in Paris

Air France's five remaining Concordes will remain grounded until it is certain what caused last week's crash outside Paris, it was decided yesterday.

31 July 2000

MoD 'embarrassed' at cost of Boeing C-17 lease deal

By Roland Gribben

Britain is in the final stages of hammering out a deal with Boeing to lease four military transport planes for almost the same price it could have bought the aircraft outright.

31 July 2000

Concorde diverted in scare over fuel smell

By Thomas Harding

A British Airways Concorde flying from London to New York made an emergency landing last night after the pilot smelled fuel vapour in the passenger compartment.

28 July 2000

In praise of Concorde

Wednesday's tragic accident should not blind us to the genius which went into Concorde's design

27 July 2000

Ex-Air France chief rules out engine repair as cause of fire

By Patrick Bishop and Harry de Quetteville in Paris

A last-minute engine repair on Concorde did not cause the fire which led to the disaster, it was claimed last night.

26 July 2000

News: 113 killed in Concorde crash

Matt Ridley says that, despite yesterday's horror, we should maintain a sense of proportion about the risks of air travel.

26 July 2000

113 killed in Concorde crash

By Patrick Bishop and Harry de Quetteville in Paris

A sheet of flame shoots from the rear of a doomed Air France Concorde just after take-off at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris yesterday.

13 July 2000

Air traffic centre six years late

An opening date for the new national air traffic control centre was named yesterday, six years later than the original estimate. It will also cost almost twice as much as predicted.

2 July 2000

Air traffic bosses admit privatisation plans will make service less safe

By Christian Wolmar

Leading air traffic controllers have privately admitted that the Government's privatisation plans could put passengers and planes at risk.

2 July 2000

Inquiry into blood clot danger for air travellers

By Colin Brown, Political Editor

The Government is launching an inquiry into the link between air travel and the development of fatal blood clots.

27 June 2000

Flights to France face delays

Thousands of travellers face further delays and disruption today because of the after-effects of a strike by French air traffic controllers.

24 June 2000

Airbus powers up super-jumbo

By Alistair Osborne, City Correspondent

The dogfight for supremacy of the skies climbed to a higher altitude yesterday after Europe's Airbus Industrie finally turned itself into a company and said the world's first super-jumbo aircraft was primed for take-off.

22 June 2000

7 year wait for new air traffic system

The air traffic control system that failed last weekend causing air travel chaos is not due to be replaced for another seven years, it was reported today.

19 June 2000

Ryanair to expand with Luton flights

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

Ryanair is planning to intensify pressure on easyJet, its main competitor in the low-fare market, by concentrating expansion on Luton airport, its rival's principal base.

17 June 2000

Soaring fuel costs put Virgin Atlantic profits at risk

By Saeed Shah

Virgin Atlantic, the airline founded by Sir Richard Branson, will struggle to a profit for the financial year just ended, due to soaring fuel costs.

6 June 2000

More railway links planned for Heathrow

By Jim Levi

BAA has made tentative plans to turn the Heathrow Express rail station at the airport into the underground equivalent of Clapham Junction.

29 May 2000

New Heathrow runway threat to two villages

By Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent

British Airways is pressing the Government to build a third runway at Heathrow.

21 May 2000

Night flights should be reduced, government told

A legal breakthrough by anti-noise campaigners means the Government may be forced to reduce night flights at Heathrow Airport.

17 May 2000

Heathrow jets 'seconds' from runway collision

By Barrie Clement, Transport Editor

Two crowded airliners came within 100 feet of colliding at Heathrow in one of the most dangerous near misses in Britain for 40 years.

17 May 2000

European court agrees to hear plea by residents wanting night flight ban

By Chris Gray

Campaigners calling for an end to night flights at Heathrow took a step forward yesterday when the European Court of Human Rights agreed to hear their case.

16 May 2000

Heathrow turns away 10 million passengers a year

By Barrie Clement, Transport Editor

Heathrow airport is turning away 10 million passengers a year, many of them tourists and holidaymakers, according to a report published yesterday.

14 May 2000

Tough luck if you don't live in London

Since Heathrow scrapped many air routes across Britain, thousands of passengers have been left stranded and out of pocket

14 May 2000

Aircraft noise campaigners take case to Europe

By Andrea Babbington

Noise campaigners will this week take their battle against night flights to the European Court of Human Rights.

30 April 2000

Desperate Prescott attacks former ally

By David Bamber, Home Affairs Correspondent

John Prescott has launched a blistering personal attack on a former Cabinet colleague, accusing him of misleading MPs, as he faces an increasingly desperate battle to privatise the national air traffic control system.

19 April 2000

Prescott will insist sale of air traffic control is safe

By Colin Brown, Chief Political Correspondent

John Prescott is expected to deliver a "blistering" reply today to a Commons select committee of MPs who warned that the semi-privatisation of Britain's air traffic control system would put safety at risk.

14 February 2000

More jets grounded after crash

By Simon Davis, Los Angeles

More aircraft have been grounded after problems were discovered with the horizontal stabiliser mechanism thought to have caused the recent Alaska Airlines crash off the California coast in which all 88 people on board died.

13 January 2000

Ice ball from plane crushes car

A Spanish man narrowly escaped injury when a 9lb ball of ice - thought to be frozen excrement ejected from a passing aircraft - fell on his car near Seville.

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