It seems to me that the new US President has upset China, the USSR, the Arab nation and everyone else some how or other over the last couple of months..quite extraordinary. Never has a man walked so mean, so stupid and so quickly....

Is it a possibility to tax US goods globally commensurate with their reneged contribution to Kyoto and then redistribute through the UNEP on a per capita and income basis across the world developing sustainable energy generation ?

Obviously the WTO would not like this but the rest of the world might and it would enhance the power of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Food for Thought ?

Peter hack.

29 March 2001


Simon Green, West Dorset Parliamentary Spokesman for the Liberal Democrats today called on Dorset consumers and consumers throughout the UK to boycott American goods and products in the wake of President Bush's announcement that the USA was withdrawing from the Kyoto agreement and
reneging on their previous agreement to cut emissions of Greenhouse gases.

America is the worlds largest polluter of greenhouse gases accounting for nearly a quarter of the entire worlds pollution (24%). They had agreed to cut emissions by 7% but have failed to meet those targets and at their current rate of growth will account for over 30% of the total emissions over the next decade.

Simon is a member of the Westminster Sustainability Working Group and joint author of "A Strategy for Sustainability"

Simon said "President Bush's announcement today has given an unequivocal two fingers to any pretence that the USA has to their global responsibilities over pollution. It is a severe setback to the developed nations attempts to cut back on greenhouse emissions to slow down global warming and a potential disaster for the third world.

This winter we have seen the first signs of what we can expect in the future in the UK with the wettest winter on record. Other nations like the low lying parts of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and South America are already being affected by severe and unusual weather patterns causing widespread flooding. Other areas like Australia, Ethiopia and even parts of the USA are suffering from the opposite effects of drought and firestorms."

"This is President Bush's payback to those global companies including the oil companies that bankrolled his election. The only way we can fight this selfish and short term stupidity is by boycotting those US companies that stand to gain by this decision and hopefully if enough people around the world stop purchasing American goods this will have an effect on the US economy and may bring pressure to bear on President Bush to reconsider this disastrous decision.

The US should be leading the world in tackling this problem, they have just as much to lose as the rest of us. If President Bush thinks he can prop up the ailing American economy by this false economy he is either a bigger fool than he was made out to be during his election campaign or simply a puppet of the global companies that backed him."

"I am pleased to see that the European Union has condemned the USA and reaffirmed it's commitment to Kyoto. If there ever was an argument for a more powerful EU to stand up to this kind of environmental suicide this is it. European nations must co-operate to exert pressure on the US to honour its environmental duty to the rest of the world, we cannot simply bow to the American gods of short term consumerist profit."

If you agree with Simon and Peter why not email President Bush at: