GM Demonstration

Saturday, 19th August 2000

A peaceful, law-abiding march and demonstration against the local GM beet crop


Armthorpe,Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Meet at 11am Armthorpe Community Centre
from where we will be walking to the nearby crop site.

(We hope to have good media coverage: ie the local TV, newspapers and radio)

Animal and other costumes will be the order of the day.

More info: Phone Lee, 01302 531762.


Report of demonstration:

The demo went off peacefully. About 35 turned up.

We managed to hand the farmer a Mr Lodge, Westfield Farm, Nutwell Lane, Armthorpe, independent research which he has said he will read. He then handed us information from Monsanto. Should make nice relaxing bed time reading where the fairy tale can lull me to sleep.

Obviously he is very pro GM and is very impressed with the efficient research that is being done to his crop site. We had heard that the beet crop was to be sown into the field but Mr Lodge has told us that it is to be harvested, researched and then sent on to its grave in a land-fill site. He declined to tell us where and said that we would have to contact Monsanto to find out that information.

I understand that he is to hold the trials for the full 3 years.

He had some-one videoing us from the inside window of his house.
We did have a police escort for our march and we were videoed and photographed but is was a law abiding protest and the police were very friendly.

We have collected over 2000 signatures which we will be handing in soon.
Unfortunately we did not have the TV coverage today and only one newspaper turned up today. Our demo was on 2 local radio stations.