Genetic Engineering and the Intrinsic Value and Integrity
of Animals and Plants

Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st September 2002
Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, UK

*Prof. Holmes Rolston III, Environmental Ethicist, Department of Philosophy, Colorado State University
*Donald Bruce, Church of Scotland Science Religion & Technology Project
*Craig Holdrege, Contextual Biologist, The Nature Institute, New York
*Prof. Howard Davies, Theme Leader "Genes to Products" Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee
*Ruth Richter, Plant Morphologist, Naturwissenschaftliche Sektion, Goetheanum, Switzerland
*Dr. Henk Verhoog, Bioethicist, Louis Bolk Instituut, Netherlands
*Dr. Harry Griffin, Assistant Director (Science), Roslin Institute, Edinburgh
*Timothy Brink, Development Manager, Demeter Standards UK
*Mike Radford, Animal Welfare Lawyer, Department of Law, Aberdeen University
*Christina Henatsch, Biodynamic Plant Breeder, Kultursaat, Germany
*Ton Baars, Senior Scientist, Animal Husbandry, Louis Bolk Institute, Netherlands
*Prof. Clive Spash, Socio-economist, The Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen
*Dr. Bruce Whitelaw, Molecular Geneticist, Roslin Institute, Edinburgh
*Dr. Johannes Wirz, Contextual Biologist, Naturwissenschaftliche Sektion, Goetheanum, Switzerland

Who should attend?

This multidisciplinary workshop has no single target group of professionals in mind. Instead we intend it to be of interest to people whose work or life brings them into contact with genetic engineering and its products or is likely to in the near future. People in the following subject areas among others will find this conference relevant: farming, pharmaceutical production etc in genetically modified (GM) animals and plants, environmental ethics, bioethics, marketing the products of GM organisms to the consumer, public perception of biotechnology; animal welfare, sustainable and organic agriculture policy making, opposing or supporting genetic engineering, plant/ animal breeding, rural development socio-economics and governmental & EU policy making. The focus on the science on the last day of the conference aims to involve organismic
biologists and molecular geneticists interested in the epistemological development and social impact of their subject.

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Booking 2 April to 16 August 2002