Involving young people in Britain's environmental strategy...

The Millennium Environment Debate is a registered charity (no. 1066527) established as a framework within which research, debate and education related to energy and environment can flourish.

It is a framework for public inclusion in addressing one of the great environmental issues confronting humanity: energy, and how we will generate it and use it in the next century. In addition, It aims to involve young people in Britain's general environmental strategy. It is a strictly non-political venture, aiming primarily to help people become better informed about the subject.

Where politicians and big business have so far failed to satisfactorily deliver, it is now in the hands of the ordinary person to show more interest and help steer a change for the better. Only with the public will can politicians and big business be expected to institute the necessary measures needed to arrest global warming, genetic pollution and other environmental disasters engulfing our planet.

Within this framework a series of ongoing discussions, discourses, seminars, media events, projects and an inspirational schools environment initiative will culminate in a live debate at a prominent venue, and an ongoing interactive debate on the World Wide Web.

The Millennium Debate will be presenting some thought-provoking and unexpected questions concerning the environment, encouraging new solutions and looking to innovative technological design to help solve many of the problems facing the planet today.

Research scholars have been funded by this charity to look into all of the energy options: renewable (solar, wind, wave, geo-thermal, etc.) and fossil (coal, oil, gas and nuclear).

This website is an invaluable resource for environmental news, links, events and up-to-date parliamentary speeches, with a topical monthly debate allowing everyone to have their say about the issues that will affect us all in the 21st century.

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