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22 December 1999

GM food banned in Monsanto canteen

By Michael McCarthy, Environment Correspondent

Monsanto, the biggest promoter of genetically modified food, was hoist with its own petard when it was disclosed that it has a staff canteen in which GM produce is banned.

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22 December 1999

Monsanto's chefs banish GM food

By Andrew Hibberd

Genetically modified food has been banned from the staff restaurant of Monsanto, the company spearheading GM crop trials in Britain.

21 December 1999

Monsanto in $50bn merger with Pharmacia & Upjohn

By Alistair Osborne, City Correspondent

Monsanto, the American drugs group famous for its research into genetically modified foods, yesterday unveiled a $50 billion merger with Sweden's Pharmacia & Upjohn.

18 December 1999

Mowlam promises tougher GM rules

By Martha Linden

Mo Mowlam, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, has pledged to reform the "haphazard" labelling system for genetically modified foods at the launch of a new government website on GM crops.

16 December 1999

GM `con trick'

The public has been left in the dark about a most vital aspect of genetically modified foods. This is a scandalous omission by the Government which amounts to something of a "con trick".

8 December 1999

Sainsbury's GM 'lie'

By Tony Snow

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's misled customers over genetically modified food, the Advertising Standards Authority said today.

3 December 1999

AstraZeneca agrochem deal with Novartis

By Andrew Clark

Months of speculation about the future of AstraZeneca's agrochemicals division ended yesterday when its parent unveiled plans to merge it with the Swiss group Novartis's rival business.

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3 December 1999

EU man accused over GM deal with Americans

By Charles Clover in Seattle

An American attempt to overturn Europe's regulations on GM crops was denounced last night by Michael Meacher, the environment minister, and other European Union ministers.

3 December 1999

Britain loses GM food trade dispute

By Andrew Marshall in Seattle

Britain has lost the battle to stop biotechnology being considered under the rules of the World Trade Organisation, a move that opponents fear is a backdoor way to negotiate the entry of genetically modified foods into Europe.
December special feature - WTO Seattle '99

6 November 1999

GM crops 'could be sold as food before trials are complete'

By Charles Clover, Environment Editor

Food grown in farm trials of genetically modified crops could be sold for human or animal consumption within two years, the Government said yesterday.

5 November 1999

New curbs on GM crops announced

Unrestricted cultivation of GM crops will remain banned until 2002 at the earliest, the Government announced today.

27 October 1999

BBC clears Humphrys of bias over GM foods

By Tom Leonard, Media Correspondent

BBC governors defended John Humphrys, the Radio 4 Today presenter, yesterday over accusations that he compromised his duty to be impartial in interviews about genetically modified foods.

28 October 1999

Blair accused of U-turn on GM crop programme

By Paul Waugh, Political Correspondent

The Government was accused of a U-turn over genetically modified crops yesterday because ministers are expected to ban their release for the next three years.

27 October 1999

GM food trials to be extended for three years

By John Deane, PA

The Government is on the verge of clinching a deal which will extend trials to discover whether genetically modified crops pose any threat to the environment for a further three years, it emerged today.

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24 October 1999

GM firms are sued for millions

By Oliver Tickell

Top laws firms in the United States and Britain are to launch a series of class actions next month in which they will demand "hundreds of millions of dollars" in damages from the principal companies involved in the production of genetically modified (GM) seeds and food crops.

22 October 1999

EU agrees change over labelling for GM foods

All food containing less than one per cent of genetically-modified produce will be regarded as "GM free" under new labelling rules agreed by European Union governments in Brussels yesterday.

22 October 1999

Europe says GM-free food labels need not tell truth

Europe agreed yesterday to allow food to contain up to 1 per cent of genetically modified material while still being labelled as GM-free.

20 October 1999

Firms agree to extend GM crop ban

By Marie Woolf, Political Correspondent

The voluntary ban on growing genetically modified crops in Britain is to be extended until 2002 in a deal struck between the Government and leading agro-chemical companies.

19 October 1999

Experts call for 'instinct' in GM debate

By Roger Highfield, Science Editor

Social scientists are calling on the Government to reassess its advisory system on genetically modified food, and stop blaming public fears on irrational ignorance.

18 October 1999

Unlabelled GM food threat from Europe

By Oliver Tickell

European commission plans to allow food to contain up to 1 per cent genetically modified material without being labelled are being opposed by British consumer groups.

18 October 1999

Government 'underestimates the intelligence of the public' over GM foods

A report from The Economic and Social Research Council claims that Government has underestimated the intelligence of the public over its policies on GM foods.

16 October 1999

GM row scientists test new cancer treatment

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Correspondent

The two scientists at the heart of the row over the safety of genetically modified food now claim they are developing a treatment for cancer.

15 October 1999

Rats at centre of GM food furore 'were starving'

By Roger Highfield, Science Editor

The controversial research that triggered the GM food furore is published today by The Lancet and suggests that starvation, not genetic modification, may have caused the adverse health effects in rats fed GM potatoes by Dr Arpad Pusztai.

14 October 1999

Genetically modified food is safe and tasty

From a speech by the former head of the Advisory Committee for Novel Foods at the Royal Society for the Arts: Derek Burke

12 October 1999

Anti GM Foods

Patrick Holden Director, Soil Association

Events around the boardroom table at Monsanto's headquarters in the last couple of weeks must have been extraordinary to behold.

12 October 1999

The history of GM foods

The pioneer of modern genetics is the nineteenth-century Austrian monk Gregor Mendel, who experimented on peas; cross-breeding tall ones with short ones; and deduced that there were discrete inherited factors responsible for the way they turned out.

10 October 1999

US alarm grows over GM foods

By David Wastell in Washington

American consumers are finally waking up to the international controversy over genetically modified food, with members of Congress joining a growing clamour for compulsory labelling and leading companies searching for alternative ingredients for some products.

10 October 1999

Labour sues for peace on GM foods

By Geoffrey Lean

The Government is seeking peace talks with environmentalists and consumer groups in an attempt to end the battle over genetically modified foods, the Independent on Sunday can reveal.

6 October 1999

Monsanto to face it’s critics as GM markets shrink

The pledge by the giant biotechnology group Monsanto not to market the so-called "terminator" gene was welcomed yesterday by the Rockefeller Foundation, which had complained that the new technology could place developing countries in thrall to the big agricultural concerns.


4 October 1999

GM food critic set to reopen safety debate

By Aisling Irwin

The row over the safety of genetically modified food is set to enter a new phase as the scientist at the centre of the controversy publishes his results.

3 October 1999

The humbling of a GM giant

Monsanto has been filling the world's fields and shops with its unnatural products. Now it is in full retreat - and wonders where it went wrong

By Geoffrey Lean

2 October 1999

Expert on GM danger vindicated

By Geoffrey Lean

The scientist who suggested that genetically modified foods could damage health - and was comprehensively rubbished by Government ministers and the scientific establishment as a result - is to have his reputation dramatically vindicated..

26 September 1999

Monsanto plan to cash in on world water crisis

Monsanto, the genetically modified food giant, drew up plans to make billions of dollars out of the world's water crisis, confidential company documents reveal. The documents, seen by the Independent on Sunday, identify a "vast economic opportunity" for the company in impending global shortages of resources such as water.

23 September 1999

Lib Dem conference: Blair ‘has failed to quell anxiety on GM farming’

Charles Kennedy reasserted his party's green credentials yesterday by convincing sceptical delegates of the need for tougher controls on genetically modified (GM) crops and food.

21 September 1999

Melchett is sent for trial on GM charge

Lord Melchett, executive director of the environmental campaign group Greenpeace, was committed to crown court yesterday for trial on charges of damaging a crop of genetically modified maize.

20 September 1999

EU is warned by America over curbs on GM foods

By Charles Clover, Environment Editor, in Geneva

America will challenge EU curbs on genetically modified food if they are "unscientific" under world trade rules.

20 September 1999

What is science for?

Sir: There are a surprising number of issues in the speech by the chairman of Glaxo Wellcome to the British Festival of Science ("We must support our GM food industry", 14 September) that are taken entirely for granted.


19 September 1999

Frozen foods supplier first to go GM-free

By Lauren Mills

Brake Bros, Britain's biggest distributor of frozen foods, has eradicated genetically modified ingredients from all its products, making it the first wholesale catering supplier to be totally GM-free.

16 September 1999

Seeds of trouble 'sown before GM'

By Roger Highfield, Science Editor

The ecologist occupying the hottest seat in science - chairing a revamped committee that oversees trials of genetically modified crops - admitted yesterday that more than 120 species of "superweeds" had emerged worldwide, though as a result of conventional agriculture.

14 September 1999

Cunningham hints at secret GM sites

By Polly Newton, Political Staff

The locations of test sites for genetically-modified crops could be kept secret if protesters continue to destroy them, Jack Cunningham hinted yesterday.

14 September 1999

GM secrecy

Sir: Sir Richard Sykes, chairman of Glaxo Wellcome, has been heavily reported as saying that the present anti-GM food campaign will be detrimental to this country, and that in future the location of GM crop trials should be kept secret to protect them from environmental activists ("British science `in deep decline' ", 13 September).

7 September 1999

Iceland a go-go

It is only three years ago that Malcolm Walker, founder and chairman of Iceland, made a behind-the-scenes attempt to take the frozen food retailer private.

7 September 1999

Britain may lose top GM technology

A world-beating British technology to make vaccines in genetically modified plants may be lost to the United States, because British investors are scared of the "GM" tag.

5 September 1999

Iceland discovers that there's profit in purity

Malcolm Walker could have been forgiven a wry smile when Marks & Spencer declared its conversion to organic foods.

5 September 1999

GM bosses want to pull out of UK

Top executives of Monsanto, the world's leading biotechnology firm, are pressing the board to pull out of genetically modified crop trials in Britain, because public hostility is damaging its business.

22 August 1999

GM: government Vs the people

Your front-page report "GM police to guard crop trials" (15 August) is deeply troubling.

22 August 1999

Whitehall's top GM man quits

By Marie Woolf

Ministers have suffered a setback to the controversial farm trials of genetically-modified crops with the unexpected resignation of the senior civil servant responsible for the experiments.

20 August 1999

M&S move on GM food

By Charles Clover

Marks & Spencer said yesterday that it hopes to start a trend by becoming the first high street retailer to remove genetically-modified ingredients from animal feed.

20 August 1999

Spread of GM crops trebles in one year

The global area planted with genetically modified crops is growing at an explosive rate, almost trebling between 1997 and 1998, according to the world's leading survey of environmental trends.

15 August 1999

Political hunger

I agree with Philip Greig (Letters, 8 August) that Lord Melchett and Greenpeace should be applauded in trying to protect us from becoming GM's guinea pigs.

13 August 1999

Secure zone plan for GM crop testing

By Polly Newton, Political Staff

Radical plans to designate one tightly controlled area of Britain as a genetically modified crop testing zone have been discussed by ministers.

13 August 1999

GM food

With a view to taking the interminable debate about genetically modified food one step further, ministers are reported to be contemplating a new approach.

13 August 1999

A cook’s beef with GM foods

We have heard from the scientists, the environmentalists, the farmers, and even, indirectly, the butterflies. But in the whole ill- tempered Europe-US quarrel about scientifically altered food - whether beef with hormones or crops with alien genes - one voice has been missing: that of the cook.

12 August 1999

Intensive farming 'damages landscape'

By Roger Highfield and Annette Rose

Concerns about genetic food crops have distracted attention from a landscape "severely damaged" by modern intensive farming, leading environmental scientists claim today.

11 August 1999

Watchdog tells Monsanto to stop making GM safety claim

Monsanto, the genetically modified food giant, has been ordered to stop claiming that it has been testing the safety of its GM crops for the past 20 years.

9 August 1999

GM 'superfish' face ban in British waters

By Charles Clover, Environment Editor

Genetically modified fish being developed for commercial production in America and China would dominate and replace natural strains within a few generations if they were released into the wild, scientists have found

8 August 1999

Sainsbury in fresh storm over GM food

Lord Sainsbury, the multi-millionaire science minister who has invested millions in biotechnology companies and research into genetically modified crops, has been put in charge of drafting new laws to boost the industry, writes Joe Murphy.

6 August 1999

Genetic engineering has many benefits which are ignored by the anti-GM food lobby

Sir - I assume those people who argue against genetically modified foods are sincere. God apparently did not wish for humans to have a brain that is capable of such intelligent acts as modification of genes in a rational way.

4 August 1999

Church ban on GM crop trials

By Paul Waugh. Political Correspondent

The Church of England has refused to allow the Government to use its land to conduct genetically modified crop trials.

4 August 1999

Struggling agrochemicals division dents AstraZeneca

By Andrew Clark

Drugs giant AstraZeneca is reviewing the future of its agrochemicals business, which turned in a poor first-half performance as American farmers slashed their spending on herbicides and insecticides.

4 August 1999

AstraZeneca takes the slimming pill

For a long time Astra and Zeneca were the two wallflowers of the pharmaceutical industry's mating game until they too decided that big was beautiful after all. However, since their nuptials in the spring, the happy couple have turned into the incredible shrinking drugs company.

3 August 1999

Fish, farms and food

Sir: You are right to blow the whistle on salmon farming ("Fish farm waste suspected in poisoning of Scottish waters", 2 August) and to call for a move away from cage salmon farming and towards organic farming ("The way to save the salmon", 30 July).

3 August 1999

GM rice in Third World diets

Rice has been genetically altered to help tackle two of the leading causes of death in the developing world, the conference was told.

3 August 1999

GM protesters charged

Forty-six people appeared in court yesterday following the destruction of a field of maize at a farm where genetically-modified crops were being tested.

2 August 1999

GM maize is found in baby foods

By Mary Dejevsky in Washington

The US baby-food giant, Gerber, is rethinking its buying strategy after the environmental organisation, Greenpeace, discovered GM maize in its children's cereal products and made its findings public. The company said it will buy only "organic" maize from now on and will use the absence of GM grains as a marketing aid.

1 August 1999

GM soya milk gives children herpes, senior surgeon tells the Government

By Rajeev Syal

A leading British surgeon is to give evidence to the Government that genetically modified soya milk triggered a herpes-related virus in her daughter.

1 August 1999

Today's vandal will be tomorrow's hero

There are times when breaking the law and risking prison is the right thing to do. Active citizenship keeps democracy responsive and healthy. Governments should listen to it, not fear it.

Peter Melchett

1 August 1999

Chefs in protest over GM fines

Britain's’s restaurateurs, including celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson, are heading for a showdown with the Government over plans to fine them £5,000 if they do not tell customers whether they have been serving GM food, writes Marie Woolf.

30 July 1999

Giant salmon are part of latest nightmare in food manipulation

By Steve Connor Science Editor

Salmon that grow four times as fast as nature intended, pigs with oversized hams and cows with giant udders are all part of the nightmare scenario where animal welfare comes second to food production.

30 July 1999

Scientists ready to create giant pigs

Giant hams up to four times the normal size could result from research into altering the genes of pigs to make their legs grow unnaturally muscular.

29 July 1999

No regrets, says Greenpeace peer after night in jail

By Hugh Davies and David Brown, Agriculture Editor

Looking none the worse for a night in jail yesterday, Lord Melchett, the executive director of Greenpeace, said he had no regrets about his arrest on charges involving a raid on genetically modified maize at Lyng, near Dereham, Norfolk.

29 July 1999

GM crop secrets

Sir: It was with deep foreboding that I read your headline, "We'll hold GM trials in secret, ministers warn" (27 July).

28 July 1999

Council ban on modified meals

The Government’s policy on genetically modified foods suffered a setback yesterday when it emerged that more than 250 councils had banned the products indefinitely from school meals.

28 July 1999

Greenpeace takes direct action against its own credibility

Greenpeace has made direct action a politically effective method of campaigning. But, in the case of its destruction of the genetically modified crop trials in Cambridgeshire, it has chose the wrong means to reach the wrong objectives.

23 July 1999

Tory anger over limited debate on food labelling

The tories branded the Government's decision to limit debate on the Food Standards Bill, which sets up a new food safety watchdog, as "high-handed and dictatorial" last night.

22 July 1999

‘GM-Free’ laws to leave loophole

New European laws could mean that food marked "GM free" contained up to 3 per cent genetically modified ingredients, a consumer watchdog warns today.

21 July 1999

GM foxes

Sir - Two controversies currently brewing, namely the GM or genetic modification controversy and the fox hunting controversy, mayhap should be considered together for mutual benefit.

19 July 1999

Arrests as GM protest turns violent

A mass protest against genetically modified crops turned into a clash with police last night as activists began ripping up parts of a 25-acre field, leading to three arrests.

18 July 1999

M&S sells genetically modified Frankenpants

By Marie Woolf

Martine McCutcheon wears them. So, at the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, does Lady Thatcher. But Marks & Spencer's knickers, which were roundly condemned last week by the firm's own shareholders for being unsexy, are indeed not what they seem. They are, in fact, "genetically modified".

14 July 1999

GM industry turns on its latest critics

The US biotechnology industry struck back yesterday against "celebrity" critics, including the Prince of Wales and Hollywood stars, for their vocal opposition to genetically modified crops and other advances, saying that they "just don't know enough about the issues they use their star power to highlight".

13 July 1999

Feeble GM crops

Sir: We should not be surprised to learn that GM crops need just as many chemicals and have unreliable yields (report, 8 July).

9 July 1999

Benefits of GM foods 'still 10 years away'

Consumers will not reap the benefits of genetically modified foods for another 10 years, the Government's independent scientific advisers said yesterday.

8 July 1999

Modified crops ‘do not yield more’

United States government research has torpedoed a central claim for genetically modified (GM) crops, by showing that they do not automatically produce better yields or significantly lower use of pesticides.

7 July 1999

Labour MSP works for GM food firm

By Auslan Cramb, Scotland Correspondent

A Labour MSP is a paid consultant of the American firm leading the sale of genetically modified food to British consumers, the Scottish Parliament's first register of interests disclosed yesterday.

3 July 1999

GM foods can help the third world

GM foods currently offer few, if any benefits, to European consumers. It is American farmers who benefit, largely from the reduced costs of growing GM crops.

2 July 1999

Stop US food giants

Sir: Nanny knows best. The US arrogantly wishes to impose a technology not tested for effects on the environment, health or biodiversity on the rest of the world, threatening dire consequences in the name of free trade ("US warns Europe against sparking GM food trade war", 30 June).

2 July 1999

Stop US food giants

Sir: Professor Pridham (letter, 25 June) has left me cold with his appeal to "let scientists take the lead in GM technology".

1 July 1999

M&S food 'is GM free'

By David Brown, Agriculture Editor

Marks & Spencer is the only high street retailer which can guarantee that food products it sells are free of genetically modified ingredients or derivatives, the firm said yesterday.

30 June 1999

GM arrogance

Sir: It is arrogant of Professor Pridham (letter, 25 June) to presume that those who have concerns about current policy on GM foods are ignorant of the basic science involved.

28 June 1999

Refined crop danger

Sir: An important argument about genetically modified foods is being ignored: the danger to the future of the genetically modified crops themselves.

28 June 1999

Public to advise GM food group

The Government will launch a fresh attempt to calm fears over genetically modified foods this week when it invites members of the public to sit on a new advisory group. Advertisements will be placed in national newspapers on Wednesday asking for applications for the 15 seats on the Agriculture and Environmental Biotechnology Commission.

26 June 1999

EU agrees on tougher GM food control

By Stephen Castle in Brussels

Tougher controls on genetically-modified organisms were agreed by Europe's environment ministers yesterday as several countries threatened to block new applications from bio-tech companies until the regulations are in place.

25 June 1999

Science at bay

Sir: Has there ever been a period in history when a national movement with foundations in sand had so many followers and gathered so much momentum in such a short time?

25 June 1999

UK rejects total ban on GM crops

By Stephen Castle in Brussels and Colin Brown

Britain was last night resisting calls from a number of European countries - led by France - for a two-year ban on planting genetically modified crops. The Department for the Environment, Transport and Regions said that agreeing to the deal would amount to a moratorium which would be illegal under EU law.

24 June 1999

Suspend GM food sales, say French

By Oliver Poole

All sales of new genetically modified foods should be suspended in the European Union until products using them are clearly labelled, France said yesterday.

22 June 1999

AstraZeneca meeting hit by GM food protesters

By Andrew Clark, City Correspondent

Angry protesters stormed the podium at yesterday's annual meeting of AstraZeneca to complain about the company's involvement in developing genetically modified food.

22 June 1999

Zeneca puts GM banana and rice on the menu

By Andrew Clark

AstraZeneca is expanding its activities in genetically modified foods.

21 June 1999

World leaders agree to a study of GM foods as public fears rise

By George Jones and Christopher Lockwood in Cologne

Leaders of the world's seven richest industrialised nations and Russia yesterday agreed to a special scientific study into genetically modified foods and crops.

20 June 1999

World's top sweetener is made with GM bacteria

By Marie Woolf, political correspondent

The most widely used sweetener in the world, found in fizzy drinks and sweets, is being made using a secret genetic engineering process, which some scientists claim needs further testing for toxic side-effects.

20 June 1999

Antibiotic abuse

I am concerned about a strange new turn taken in the argument over GM foods: the notion that GM crops must be banned on grounds of health because of the supposed likelihood of inducing antibiotic resistance in common diseases.

18 June 1999

Cunningham may go in reshuffle

By Robert Shrimsley, Chief Political Correspondent

Jack Cunningham, the Government's "enforcer", is emerging as the most likely casualty of Tony Blair's imminent Cabinet reshuffle.

18 June 1999

Government's GM policy in disarray

By Paul Waugh and Michael McCarthy

The government’s policy on genetically modified foods was left in disarray yesterday after its own research found that GM crops could pollute other plants.

17 June 1999

Miles Kington - Genetically modified crops are just killing conversation

'Who has the right to condemn a species as a weed. Who's going to stand up for weeds'

17 June 1999

A rich harvest for the Prince

Farmers used to mock Highgrove's methods - now they flock to see the farm. Charles Clover meets the man in charge.

17 June 1999

Protesters wreck GM sugar beet at farm crop show

By David Brown, Agriculture Editor

Protesters destroyed plots of genetically modified sugar beet at Britain's main arable crops shop window in Hertfordshire yesterday.

17 June 1999

Official data reveals GM crop risks

By Paul Waugh, Political Correspondent

The Government will be forced into an embarrassing retreat on genetically modified crops today when its own research concludes that there is a "real risk" of contamination of other plants.

16 June 1999

Hazlewood pledges to clear out GM foods

By Dan Roberts

Hazlewood Foods, which supplies own-label chilled meals to supermarkets, yesterday promised to eliminate all genetically modified (GM) ingredients from its products by the end of this financial year.

16 June 1999

We don't need GM food, Meacher tells Commons

By Charles Arthur, Technology Editor

Genetically modified (GM) foods benefit producers rather than consumers, the Environment minister Michael Meacher conceded in the Commons yesterday. But he said that in the long run, consumers could gain from food with a longer shelf life, or which could be grown in otherwise hostile conditions.

14 June 1999

Prince attacked over GM hostility

By David Brown Agriculture Editor

The Prince of Wales has come under attack from a leading scientist and former senior Government adviser for depriving his tenant farmers of the right to grow genetically modified crops if they want to.

13 June 1999

Antibiotic fears

It was tendentious of Marie Woolf to raise the hoary old question of antibiotic resistance genes in corn ("Modified corn on sale in the UK 'kills' life-saving antibiotics", 6 June).

13 June 1999

Supermarkets join forces on GM animal feed

By Marie Woolf

Britain's supermarkets are planning to take from their shelves meat from animals fed on GM crops because of consumer concerns about possible health risks.

12 June 1999

Discredited scientist hits back at critics

Arpad Pusztai, the scientist who caused a furore by claiming that the public are guinea pigs in a mass experiment into genetically modified food, is planning a fightback against attacks on his credibility.

12 June 1999

Now experts fear GM 'brain drain'

By Steve Connor, Science Editor

Scientists have warned that the public could lose the services of Britain's best scientific advisers on GM technology over unfair accusations that they are too close to the biotechnology industry.

11 June 1999

Sir Paul pays £3m to keep GM-free promise

Sir Paul McCartney is spending £3 million to ensure that the vegetarian meals launched by his late wife Linda have no risk of contamination with genetically modified food.

10 June 1999

Pusztai, potatoes and proof

Arpad Pusztai, the scientist whose experiments were the primary impetus for public concern over genetically modified organisms (GMOs), has met the Prince of Wales, who expressed his belief that Dr Pusztai has been treated badly by the scientific establishment.

10 June 1999

GM solution to alcohol-free beer problem

By Robert Uhlig

Alcohol-free beer that tastes no different from full-strength beer could be on sale soon after scientists found why non-alcoholic varieties taste "off".

10 June 1999

Producers turn backs on GM food

By Charles Arthur and Jonathan Glennie

Britain's food producers are in headlong retreat from the use of genetically modified (GM) soya in their products after a consumer backlash against the technology, The Independent has found.

10 June 1999

Prince backs GM scientist

The Prince of Wales has told Dr Arpad Pusztai, the Government-funded scientist suspended last year for saying that genetically modified food was not safe, that he was cruelly treated by the scientific establishment and deserves an apology.

9 June 1999

GM common sense

Sir: In your editorial of 5 June you state that common sense dictates that organic food is better than intensively farmed equivalents. Only lack of knowledge of what organic farmers do can give that conclusion.

8 June 1999

Family trust forces reluctant farmer to destroy his GM crop

By Michael Fleet

A 26-acre field which had been a carpet of genetically modified oil seed rape on Friday was a mass of dying vegetation yesterday as the effects of Capt Freddie Barker's gallons of Paraquat took hold.

7 June 1999

Farm markets are good news for us all, says Prince

By David Brown, Agriculture Editor

The Prince of Wales called on farmers yesterday to restore consumer confidence in food by returning to the tradition of selling produce to the public at markets.

7 June 1999

Charles's GM stand

Sir: Matters of science can never be resolved in an atmosphere of hysteria.

7 June 1999

GM food ban would undermine British science, says Blair

By Robert Shrimsley, Chief Political Correspondent

Britain could be overtaken by Germany in the cutting edge technology of the next century if the Government caves in to demands for a ban on genetically modified foods, Tony Blair said yesterday.

7 June 1999

Blair shifts to 'open mind' on GM foods

Modified foods: Prime Minister softens line but warns of dangers of UK losing its present lead in biotechnology

6 June 1999

Stop hectoring us, Jack, and listen to our fears about GM

Jonathan Dimbleby, head of the Soil Association, writes to the Cabinet 'enforcer' Jack Cunningham