Human Genetics Commission (HGC)

Public consultation on HGC's outline work plan

Royal College of Physicians, London - Monday 10th April


HGC is holding a public meeting on Monday 10 April 2000 at the Royal College of Physicians,
11 St Andrew's Place, Regent's Park, London NW1 4LE. The meeting is expected to begin at
10.00am and end at 4.00pm with lunch and refreshments provided. The purpose of the
meeting is to allow stakeholders an opportunity to contribute to the development of the HGC's
future priorities and work-plan. HGC's initial proposals are set out in its consultation document.

Each of the speakers will give a 15-minute presentation, which will be followed by 15 minutes
of questions and general discussion. Dr King and Micheline Mason are speaking as critics
of Genetic engineering. The presentations will cover a range of perspectives
including industry, patient interests and public attitudes to developments in genetic
technologies. There will be discussion of the ways in which genetic information might be stored
and used and issues around consent, confidentiality, privacy and discrimination.

At the end of the afternoon, there will be a panel discussion providing the opportunity for
further questions and debate.

Please contact HGC if you would like to attend the meeting, telling them the number of tickets
required and the names of those wishing to attend and whether any special access needs, for
example use of wheel chairs, are required. If you are unable to attend, they would still
appreciate your views, so please complete the questions in the consultation and respond by 10
April 2000: #business_consultations1.htm.

Please submit your ticket requests promptly as places are limited.


10:00 Registration and Coffee

10:30 Welcome - Baroness Helena Kennedy, Chairman of HGC

10:40 Introduction - Mrs Ruth Evans, Member of HGC and Chairman of the HGC's Sub-Group
on Public Involvement in Genetics

10:45 Matthew Darlison
Royal Free & University College Medical School Dept of Primary Care & Population Sciences
Population Science and the Storage and Use of Genetic Information

11:15 Alasdair Kent
Genetics Interest Group
Patient Group Interests

11:45 Dr David King
GenEthics News
Social and Ethical Perspectives

12:15 Nina Stratford
National Centre for Social Research
Public Attitudes

12:45 LUNCH

14:00 Paul Debenham
Laboratory of the Government Chemist
The View from Industry

14:30 Micheline Mason
Alliance for Inclusive Education
Patient Issues

15:00 Speakers Panel - Question and Answer Session

16:00 Close

Telephone the Genetics Secretariat for ticket information: 0171 972 4017