Date: 21 January 1998

M A Baxter

St. Clement's, Oxford



If a law was introduced to require Local Authorities to provide a minimum amount of FREE parking for cars powered by electricity or hydrogen the result would be as follows:

People would be encouraged to seek out and purchase electric and/or hydrogen powered cars (electric cars have been available for many years).

This would create a swift and solid market for electric and/or hydrogen cars.

Manufacturers would recognise this market would react in the best traditions of the market place, seeking to capture the market by producing that which there is a demand for.

A virtuous circle would be quickly established as manufacturers shifted emphasis away from the petroleum driven engine towards electric and/or hydrogen powered cars and compete on availability, price, luxury and fuel economy.

Therefore, a framework would be established within which market forces operate to encourage manufacturers to put more and more resources into electric and/or hydrogen powered cars.

As numbers of these vehicles begin to swamp the available parking spaces other incentives, like reduced road tax and fuel subsidies, can be introduced to continue the process of re-carring the planet.

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