Institute of Transportation, Traffic, Highway- and Railway- Engineering (Switzerland)
The Institute of Transportation, Highway- and Railway-Engineering (IVT) is part of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in Zurich. It is divided into three groups: Individual Traffic, Public Transport and Transportation- and Spatial Planning......

Monorail Society (US)
Monorails are NOT just for theme parks and zoos! Our aim is to inform people of the many possible uses for them. Monorail systems around the world carry hundreds of thousands of passengers safely and efficiently to their destinations every day. With more monorails, people would choose transit over the automobile in many circumstances......

Railway Technical Research Institute (Japan)
The founding aim of RTRI reflects the management strategies of the JR companies; to develop basic technology and research applications; to promote technology transfer to JR companies; to promote the Maglev (magnetic levitation) system with the technology inherited from JNR; and to study safety measures.......

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