Peg Alexander - Speaker for the Green Party, former Principal Speaker
Prof. Wilfred Beckerman - Economist, Balliol College, Oxford, author of Small is Stupid
Roger Booth - Energy Industry Consultant
Tim Boswell MP - Shadow Energy Minister
Godfrey Boyle - Director, Environment and Energy Research Unit, Open University
Peter Bunyard - Co-founder of The Ecologist
Sarah Burton - Campaigns Manager, Greenpeace UK
Nicky Chambers - Best Foot Forward
Bob Cotton - New media expert, author of Understanding HyperMedia 2000
John Forte, Environment Advisor, International Hotels Environment Initiative
Dylan Garcia - Photographer for Friends of the Earth
Herbie Girardet - President of the Schumaker Society, environmental film maker
Rev Dr David Gosling - Nuclear Physicist and environmental expert
Dr Evan Harris MP - Lib Dem MP for Oxford West & Abingdon
Bill Heine - Entrepreneur, broadcaster, owner of "the Oxford shark"
Prof Robert Hill - Solar energy expert, Professor of Physics, University of Northumbria
Victoria Cliff Hodges - Director of Green Screen
Steve Hurrell - Video producer
Councillor Paul Ingrahm - Oxford Green Party
Stuart Jauncey - Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University
Charlie Konic - Director, Climate Action Network
Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge - Chairman of British Airways & Chairman of the Chancellor's Energy Task Force
Nick Mayhew - Founder of Oikos
Aubrey Meyer - Director, Global Commons Institute
Aidan Murphy - Shell UK
Gillian Nahum - South Oxfordshire Agenda 21 facilitator
Richard D North - Daily Express columnist, author of Life on a Modern Planet
Dr Doug Parr - Campaign Centre Director, Greenpeace UK
Dr Darrell Posey - Director of the Programme for Traditional Resource Rights, Oxford University
Revd Donald Reeves - Former rector of St James' Piccadilly, Community Affairs Consultant for Rio Tinto Zinc Plc
Dr Sue Roaf - Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science, School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, and architect of the Oxford solar house
Sir Julian Rose - Of the Soil Association, prominent organic campaigner
Clare Symonds - Oxford Local Agenda 21 Co-ordinator
Councillor Craig Simmons - Oxford Green Party, Oxfordshire County Council
Alan Simpson MP - Labour MP for Nottingham South, Parliamentary Secretary for the Campaign Group, Chair of Warm Homes All Party Group, author of the Alternative Budget
Robert Swan OBE - Polar explorer
Oliver Tickell - Environmental journalist
Heathcote Williams - Actor, inventor, environmental poet, author of Autogeddon and Whale Nation
Patrick Woodward - Advertising Creative Director
Roger Wooton - Dean of School of Engineering, City University
Prof. Robert Worcester - Founder and Chairman of MORI


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