The lives of the individual

The lifestyle of individuals, being the core determinant of energy use may be divided into different so-called 'lives'. These 'lives' may be categorised as:

  • Working/Education Lives
  • Domestic Lives
  • Leisure Lives
  • Social Lives

Every activity within these lives will have energy associated with it. An investigation of 'Domestic Lives' is presented here as an example.

Domestic Lives

Here we are concerned with the energy directly concerned with our individual needs for food and shelter: the basic essentials of life, together with the elements which make the fulfilment of basic needs more comfortable. The energy consumed within the home is largely of this type, though these 'basics' have activities associated with them which take place outside the home and therefore energy use connected with these activities. These two ‘basics’ food and shelter will be investigated here. The approach taken is that the consumer is responsible for the whole system which provides that basic. In the case of food this is from production to consumption.