Lunchtime talk - 1 till 2 Friday 2nd March (tomorrow)

Come and hear from 3 indigenous / peasant farmer activists from Columbia
and Jan Bahaddar, a farmer from Pakistan. Jan has had Monsanto seed fail
him, leaving him in debt.

First floor conference room @ ActionAid, Hamlyn House, MacDonald Road,
London N19 (Archway tube)

There will be some nibbles and juice.

All very welcome - guaranteed super interesting or your money back!

Hope as many of you as possible can come.

020 7561 7611

More details about the speakers from Columbia:
Rosanna from Processo Di Communitas Negras (PCN) - a black indigenous
activist talking about the impact of the African Palm (monoculture) on her
indigenous crops.

A representative from ANOUK (a Columbian peasant movement) talking about
the impact of "Plan Columbia".

A member of the Uwa tribe: Uwa are an indigenous tribe fighting oil
exploration in their lands.