Dear Climate Campaigner

US President George W. Bush backtracks on pollution commitment! In a
letter sent on Tuesday to Republican Senators, Mr Bush has stated that
he will backtrack on his election campaign pledge to treat carbon
dioxide as a pollutant and cut its emissions from US power plants.

Carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas which is affecting
our climate. Just this year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change (IPCC), the world's most respected body of climate scientists,
have issued alarming new findings that 'there is new and stronger
evidence that most of the [global] warming observed over the last 50
years is attributable to human activities'. They warn that human
activity is increasing the atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases and
could raise global temperatures by up to 6°C by the end of the century -
a rate of warming unprecedented for at least 10 000 years - with major
consequences, such as an increase in extreme weather events, which will
hit less developed countries hardest. They note, however, that through
adoption of appropriate technologies greenhouse gas emissions can be cut
with little economic impact.

Please write a short letter to President Bush reminding him of the
findings of the IPCC, and of the need for the US, as the world's biggest
polluter, to cut CO2 emissions.

SEND AN EMAIL NOW to George W. Bush at this address:

Birgit Cunningham

A short standard letter, below, could be used if you do not have time to
write your own...

Dear President Bush,

I am extremely concerned about global temperature increases and the need
for countries, especially the USA, to cut back on
carbon dioxide emissions and invest in clean, renewable energies.

You have the power and the ability to lead the way. Please remember the
future of children across the globe, and the
devastating problems they will inherit if the leaders of this generation
default on their responsibilities. Now is the time for those
in power to put in place the policies which will avert ecological
disaster and much consequential human suffering.

The findings of the IPCC show unequivocally that the United States must
cut C02 emissions immediately. The future will be
the judge of our actions, and environmental catastrophe will be traced
back to now?the turn of the 21st Century, when it was
still possible to take preventative action.

Yours sincerely