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Executive Organiser:
Raymond Foulk BA Hons (Open) MA (Cantab) DipArch RIBA

Caroline Foulk BA Hons PGCE (Secretary)
Paul Foulk
Jenny Lewis BA Hons PGCE

Advisory Board:
Alasdair Clayre MA MPhil (Cantab)
Bob Cotton DipAD
David Hill BA Hons PGCE
Dr Penelope Johnstone
Claire Palmer BA Hons
Dr Susan Roaf MA DipArch (AA) RIBA

Prominent Supporters:
Tim Boswell MP
Godfrey Boyle
Professor Canon John Bowker
John Forte
Dr Evan Harris MP
Bill Heine
Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge
Aubrey Meyer
Revd. Donald Reeves
Dr Paul Robinson
Sir Julian Rose
Robert Swan OBE
Clare Symonds
Oliver Tickell
Heathcote Williams

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