Thursday 25 January 2001

Mr Benn,

Are you aware of the hydrogen powered car that GM had running on the streets of Detroit in the mid 60's? It was placed in a Tornado body. The only thing out of the ordinary about this car was the source for generating hydrogen. This simply generated it on demand by (over simplification): dripping drops of acid into a closed retort of hydrogen peroxide, the resulting gas was fed to the injectors.

I don't have to tell you how clean the emissions were!

Do you know or can you guess why this was never placed in top priority?

Only those among the least informed would not know. The fact that this generator could be placed every home for electric and heat generation and the fact that it is so cheap to operate might (might it?) be the reason the major fuel companies have paid to keep the lid on this.

For the good of all future generations I hope you will shed more light on