Response to Dick Helling, Oxford Bus Company, Oxfordshire County Council

Reading the report from Dick Helling about buses in Oxford I was surprised to read that he regards a frequent bus service from the train station to the uni. I have to get the train everyday as I live in Banbury and also catch the bus. Last night when I caught the number 22 I was told I would have to get off as the bus was not intending to go to the station and would have to get on another, this morning I caught the 400 and was told I would have to change in town as there was something wrong with the bus. I caught a stagecoach bus and bought a return not knowing I can't get this bus back to the train station, I either have to go to town and walk to the station or pay more money for a bus which goes to the station.

I also could not believe the financial cuts made so as that the electric buses can no-longer run. Maybe if the bus companies in Oxford all joined together then there would be enough money to run more of these buses, even if the prices were a little higher at least some environmental action would be taken,maybe then there would be more frequent buses that people would be able to catch. It is no good saying the buses give out less emissions, the buses should give out no emissions and Oxford was given a chance to do that. If money is the only object then it would seem that we will never be environmentally friendly because everything seems to cost money and no-one seems to have any. In Banbury the fares have gone up to 75 pence from 70 pence, my journey is still the same distance and the buses have not become more frequent. Where does this money go?? If not to improve the service I am getting why should I pay more money. It has always been said you should take the bus as it cuts down on emissions but it probably works out cheaper to take your car to work or shopping than catching the bus.

Recipients Name: Danielle Varney

E-Mail Address: devarney@brookes.ac.uk