30 July 1999

Umberto Sartori, Venetian citizen

This is an appeal for help to safeguard Venice from a weighty continuative pillage.

By means of would be restorers, entrusted by the Public Administration,many public works regarding road paving and street furniture, some of which ancient, are subtracted and replaced by copies, of more or less coarse execution.

At the following address you can find the photographic evidence of this malpractice:


At present the evidence regarding cast iron works, fountains and bridges whose originals date mostly from the austro-hungaric period, is complete.

The copies that go to replace the originals after their removal show, beyond any doubt, to be poor imitations, made by unskilled craftsmen, probably lacking the right kind of equipment for works of that size and/or employing the wrong materials.

At the same address, you will find more evidence of dangerous operations regarding the supporting structure of the city itself, with particular reference to the works of "defense from the sea" on the Zattere and the Giudecca, to the continued removal of stone-work (pietra of Istria and trachite) and cast-iron lamps.

I ask you, in the name of a cultural heritage that actually belongs to the world, to do what you can to put an end to the looting of minor Venice, to ask the Institutions and the Public Opinion to commit themselves to the formation of an International Counsel of Experts to watch over the planning and the realization of works concerning the statics of the city itself.

If you love Venice just a little.

Umberto Sartori, Venetian citizen


Questo comunicato è una richiesta di aiuto per salvaguardare Venezi

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