5 June 1998 (World Environment Day)

Rt Hon Gillian Shephard MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Transport and the Regions

On World Environment Day, attention is focusing once again on the issues of sustainable development and environmental protection.

The day provides an ideal opportunity for the Government to set out clearly how it is to carry forward an environmental agenda.

Labour promised so much on the environment. So far, however, they have delivered far too little.

Months after the signing of the Kyoto Treaty, Labour should explain precisely how they are to meet their own pledge to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent by 2010, compared with 1990 levels.

And months after outlining a supposedly new approach to house-building on greenfield sites in Britain, they should explain precisely how and when this new approach is to be put into effect.

Labour’s first year in office has been characterised by a series of missed opportunities on the environment. The opportunity presented by World Environment Day today should nor be allowed to pass.

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