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One step towards a climate solution


In the past climatic change happened slowly as the result of natural forces. Now the climate is being changed very rapidly by human actions. Global temperatures are rising, so are sea levels. Ice caps and glaciers are melting. Extreme weather events like storms, floods and droughts are becoming more common. In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, these changes affect us all - directly and indirectly.

Over the next 50 years some climatic change is probably inevitable, but it is possible to take positive action to limit both causes and effects. Often those solutions have real environmental, social and economic benefits. Our goal is to inform people, help motivate them to take positive action and ensure that they have access to the products and services they need to live more sustainable lifestyles.

Eco2mission aims to:

Increase public knowledge of the causes and effects of climate change on people and the environment.

Use, demonstrate and promote renewable energy and other environmentally sustainable technologies.

Develop innovative practical and educational projects on climate change with young people, community groups and other organisations with complimentary aims.

Work with businesses to promote solutions to climate change via appropriate sponsorship, marketing and retailing opportunities.

Eco2mission is a non-profit organisation run by professionals that will undertake both charitable projects and offer consultancy services.

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