Genetically Modified Crops
Why? Why not?

International Conference in Stockholm, Sweden 14-15 May, 2001

This Conference will provide an informed dialogue between parties involved in the debate on Genetically Modified Crops. The aim of the Conference is to present global perspectives on the scientific frontier and to elucidate the possibilities, risks and public perception of GMO applications in agricultural crops. The Conference will end with conclusions on what needs to be done to avoid or deal with the risks while at the same time reaping the benefits linked to the technology.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry invites you to the Conference "Genetically Modified Crops - Why? Why not?" At this Conference top international scientists from universities, industry and intergovernmental organisations such as the EU and the FAO will give keynote lectures.

The main topics and confirmed speakers include: Global perspectives (Jacques Diouf, FAO, and Ingo Potrykus, CH), Science and public perception (Peter Sandoe, DK, and Måns Lönnroth, SE), GM based development of crops (John Pickett, UK), Evolutionary and ecological perspectives (Daniel Simberloff, US), Resistance to pests and pathogens (Bruce Tabashnik, US), GM crops in EU (Rolf Annerberg, EU) and Functional genomics (John Ohlrogge, US).

The Conference is the Academy's contribution to activities during the Swedish presidency of the EU. We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm on 14-15 May 2001. Accommodation has been reserved at hotels in the vicinity of the Conference hall. In May the weather and countryside in Sweden can be magnificent. At the end of the first Conference day there will be a boat trip and dinner in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago.

A warm welcome to Stockholm in May 2001!

Thorsten Andersson
President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry