The Oxford Union, St Michael Street, Oxford.
8.30pm, Monday June 14th 1999

Supporting the motion 438
Against the motion 207
A majority of 231
Over 100 did not register any vote

Genetically Modified Animal Feed

The Oxford Union, in association with The Millennium Debate presents a debate
on the motion:

"This house would not continue to feed GM
material to farm animals"

Speakers supporting the motion:
Professor Arpad Pusztai, Biotech Scientist, formerly with the Rowett Institute
Dr John Ingham, Environment Correspondent, The Express newspaper
Norman Baker MP, LibDem Environment Spokesman
Melanie Marshall, Oxford Union

Speakers opposing:
Professor Derek Burke CBE, former Vice Chancellor of the University of East Anglia and former chairman of
the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (1988 - 1997)
Mr Harry Kershaw, Managing Director, AgrEvo UK, biotech multinational, one of the
world's leading Genetic Engineering corporations, with more test sites on UK farms
than any other seed company
Dr Sandy Thomas, Director, Nuffield Council for Bioethics
Andy Kidd, World Debating Champion

Transcript of the Debate

Abridged version

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