27 August 1999

Unknown contributor


Genetically Modified Foods

Long Live Biodiversity

Nobody wants it yet it’s being shoved down our throats
This is not why we entrusted Mr Blair with our votes
We just don’t need it after BSE
Stop messing with our food and leave it be
It’s time we stood up and all eschewed
A monstrous future eating Frankenstein food
So seemingly unconcerned about the long term health of you and me
Yet this government has the cheek to try and ban Vitamin B
And insist that new drugs are exhaustively tested for years
While steamrollering GM food through, over public fears
Ok, so there’s little evidence that it does any harm
But conversely, there’s none that it doesn’t
Which hardly disarms
Yes, there are many whys what if’s and buts
(Not least why people now find themselves allergic to nuts)

Nobody needs it yet it’s being sold as a solution
To the failed crop and the starved constitution
No matter that it’s really market forces and war
That keeps third world countries hollow-stomached and poor
And we’ve got mountains and lakes of food, rotting
And farmers paid not to produce any more

Who’s going to benefit from the suicide seed
Not the small third world farmer and that’s agreed
And who wants bits of animal in their greens
Even if it is only a few stray genes
Chocolate flavour veggies and we might be talking
But beetle genes in carrots
And a plank they’ll be walking
Nor do I want essence of Scorpion in my potatoes
And flounder fish bits in my tomatoes
Thank you

Yes, we the real people, demand real food
And no more want it mutated than pre-chewed
We’ll stick with the pesticides and the devil we know

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