World Renewable
Energy Congress VI

and renewable energy exhibition

Renewables: the Energy for the 21st Century

1-7 July 2000
Metropole Hotel, Brighton, United Kingdom

The Millennium Energy Debate presents:
Kyoto, Climate Change &
Renewable Energy

in the Oxford Suite, Metropole Hotel Brighton

Monday, July 3rd, 5-7pm

The motion of the table is:

"This House Believes that the Kyoto Protocol is a Significant Step Towards the Global Use of Renewable Energy"

Chairman: Tim Radford, Science Editor, The Guardian

Motion proposed by: Phillip Ward, Director, Energy Efficiency and Waste, Department or the Environment, Transport and the Regions

Motion opposed by: Dr Jeremy Leggett, Director of Solar Century

Motion seconded by: Prof. Rowland Clift, Director, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, Member of the Royal Commission on Climate Change

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Opposition to the motion seconded by: Roger Higman, Senior Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

Motion supported by: Prof. S. C. Bhattacharya, Professor of Energy Programme, Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani, Thailand

Motion further opposed by: Raymond Foulk, Executive Organiser, The Millennium Debate

A follow up report will be posted soon...

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